Interesting Facts About Our Dhoti and Shirt

You may have seen several men wearing a dhoti shirt combo in several parts of India. However, here are a few interesting facts about the attire that you probably didn’t know –

  • The garment is mostly worn and available in white or cream. Usually, men choose between silk and cotton for the garment. Our products are of top-notch quality.
  • In the south, you will find the dhoti with a golden border on the sides along with a shirt. This dhoti with shirt combination gives it a more sophisticated look and is considered highly respectable.
  • Approximately five yards of fabric are used to make this garment. However, the style of wearing it differs from one part of the country to another.
  • In most southern weddings in India, dhoti is considered an integral garment worn by the groom or men attending the wedding. Even for several cultural or religious events, it is worn by people. We include an exquisite collection of luxurious dhotis and shirts.
  • To combat the heat in the summer seasons and to withstand the cold in the winter season, silk and cotton are the most preferred fabrics that are used in the making of the dhoti. It is likewise paired with a similar material shirt.
  • Today, dhotis have become a global style statement. People across the globe are wearing them and creating a modern-day look.